The first part is the common noun עין (ayin), meaning eye, or spring of water: "Occasionally it represents the whole process of seeing; of understanding and obedience. The eye is used to express knowledge, character, attitude, inclination, opinion, passion and response
Mission Statement

Engedi Therapy Services is an organization that provides and ensures accessibility, comprehensive services, collaborative and person-centered service to those that are experiencing increase stress, marital and family discord, in recovery, and mental health illness.


To empower stakeholders and promote accessibility to behavioral health services, recovery and improving quality of life.


 E- Ensures efficient and timely services and  provide training and education

 N- Need base services with no judgment

 G- Genuine and safe environment

 E- Engaged, empathic, and person centered approached 

 D- Deliver cultural competency, hope, and collaboration with community partners and stakeholders

 I- Invested in helping others in need