How important is your mental and emotional health?

Is your emotional and mental wellbeing just as important as your physical health? Many people disregard getting an annual mental health evaluation. Mental and emotional health is only consider in dire need situations:

In society today, we are experiencing significantly increased levels of mass violence which reportedly many of these people snapped or were tied to individuals having mental and emotional issues. Whether the violence stemmed from increased levels of stress, cognitive dissonance, failed intimate relationships, hopeless and harbouring grievances from financial troubles, occupational and bullying issues, be treated unequal or inequitable or from the growing substance abuse epicdemic in our communities; these acts solidify the need to increase the awareness and enforce the importance of mental and emotional evaluations and treament.

The purpose for this post is to alert readers that everyone goes through something in life; thus our mind and heart need the same, if not more attention as our physical health. Don't wait until you are experiencing overwhelming emotions, intrusive thoughts, making poor decisions and high levels of stress to seek help. Begin now by taking control of your mental and emotional health. You are priority!

Mental and emotional health can be linked to physical health issues. See link below:

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