New Groups @EnGedi Therapy

EnGedi is now accepting a limited number of consumers for the following groups to begin in late August 2019:

Couples Group Therapy - Communication Remix- Learn a new ways to communicate and express your needs

Divorce Group - The New Normal- Learn how to rediscover yourself after a divorce and prepare for dating again

Substance Abuse Group - Building A New Me- Discover mindfulness techniques that can aid in recovery and address the emotional pain that lives in side

LBGTQ Group- Living My Life - Addressing challenges with family/others, hidden emotions and fears, preparing to live your best life

Mature Adults Group - Next Phase 50's to 60's- When our kids have flew the coop, when are preparing to retire, addressing signs of depression,and grief

Relationship Group - Recovering from Infidelity- This group is for couples that have experienced infidelity and have decided to work through the issues within the marriage

***Teen Groups - Depression, Lifestyle, Bullying ages (13-15) (16-18)***

If you are interested in these topics or would like to request a topic for group, send me a message and you will be contacted. Groups run 5 to 6 weeks. Insurance welcome

11747 Jefferson Avenue #2B

Newport News, VA 23606

Tel: 757-514-1817

Mon - Sat: by appointments only

​​​Sunday: Closed

Holiday Closures: 

Veterans Day



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