Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder know as SAD is quite common. SAD is depression related to change of lighting and the changes of the seasons. Here are a few need to know facts regarding SAD:

The cause for SAD is not known but some of the factors that are said to influence the condition include:

Changes in the body’s internal clock due to seasonal changes

Reduced levels of the brain chemical serotonin

An imbalance in the chemical melatonin that influences sleep and mood patterns

Vitamin D insufficiency

Gender: Women are more prone to SAD

Family history of SAD

Personal history of clinical depression or bipolar disorder

If you are experiencing mood changes during the fall and winter months, depression; anxiety; loss of energy; increased sleep; loss of interest in activity; appetite changes, especially craving for high carbohydrate foods with associated weight gain; and difficulty with concentration: give us a call to discuss treatment.

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